Midnight Movie: The Warriors (1979)

Friday, June 3rd. Pre-Show @ 11PM. Movie Starts @ Midnight Happy Hour Food & Drink Specials during the Pre-Show. $8 Admission. Rated R. Running Time: 1hr. 33min. 18+ Main Feature: The Warriors (1979) In a near future, Cyrus is a respected leader that intends to unite the gangs in New York. Cyrus invites the most relevant gangs for a meeting at the Central Park, a neutral turf in a moment of truce. He explains that if the gangs unite, they would be 60,000 members against 20,000 policemen and they could rule New York. Can you dig it? Out of the blue, Luther - the leader of the gang Rogues, shoots Cyrus and blames The Warriors, a gang from Coney Island. There is a riot in the Central Park and the police arrive and put the group under siege. The Warriors try to return to Coney Island while all the gangs in New York come together to hunt them down and avenge Cyrus. The long journey back home for The Warriors begins. Don't miss our custom curated pre-show. Always themed to the movie and packed with: behind-the-scenes footage, movie trivia, unique short films, house-made trailers, and more.