Liquor and Laughter

It's time for another evening of Liquor and Laughter at the Pearl Lounge in Eureka, one of our mostest favoritest places to perform!

Thursday, June 20th - 9pm - Only $3

Join host Joe Whiskey-Whiskers Deschaine and troupe members Tony Persico, Charles Gilbert, Bryant Kellison, Ratty Maty, Craig Klapman, Nando Molina, John Mcclurg, Ivy Vasquez, and headliner Sherae O'Shaughnessy.

Make sure to see this once in a lifetime show! Once you've seen it, you can tell your friends, "I saw that show. It was incredible!" And your friends will say, "Shit! I really should have gone." Yes you should've, person who didn't go. Yes you should've.

  • $3
  • Ages: 21+
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