This is going to be an event to remember. So stop on by the KBR anytime between 5pm-12am. $2 Students/$3 Non-Students.

This happens once a year and there will be two stages with bands alternating from one to the other. The lineup will move with ease and features a wide variety of music that showcases the talent in the area.

Each of these acts will be something worth checking out as they all have different styles and complement each other.

Come check out the opening acts as we are featuring Acoustic Artists for the first hour with Kyle to start us off, taking us on a nice stroll through the wonderful world of Acoustic Indie.

G.G is going to make your heart race and give you goosebumps with her beautiful and passionate voice and guitar playing.

Next two different string quartets featuring different instruments are going to be performing for the next hour. Starting with La Musique Diabolique and Green & Lilac.

Things are getting bluesy as Buddy Reed is going to be a wonderful act that you won't want to miss as his style reflects the wonderful old blues from way back in the day.

The night gets more heated with Table Salt, a local Grunge style band and then we are going to move into more experimental jazz/jam with Spirit Makers.

Am I Wrong is going to throw you through a black hole at warp speed as they are a Math Rock band from Ashland, Oregon coming down to show Humboldt a little bit of fun. Check out their facebook and LIXX session:

Sleepin' Jesus and The Dudes are going to make you groove featuring an incredible group of artists that bring the roof down. Prepare to get down. Check out their facebook below:

Diggin Dirt' is a local Reggae/Jam band that keeps it real featuring a full band with a Sexy Saxophone and A Roaring Trumpet player that will massage your ears with their beautiful timbres. Check out their facebook below:

Farmhouse Odyssey does not need an intro, they are rich with multiple textures and layers that will make you melt. This is one of the most complex bands in Humboldt County as they mesh a whole range of styles to create their own unique sound that takes you places. Make Sure to check them out.

Liquid Kactus has gathered a following and created a name that people know. They are featured at a lot of parties around Humboldt County and consistently deliver quality sound as they know how to jam and take the music on a rhythmic and melodic journey. You will not want to miss this band as they are going to be the closing act and that means ya'll better get your last dance out so its gonna be a good one. Check out their stuff below and make sure to catch them close up a wonderful night.

Check out Lixxapalooza this Friday in the KBR from 5pm-12am, Tickets are $2 students and $3 for non-students

5:00 - Kyle
5:30 - G.G.
6:00 - La Musique Diabolique
6:30 - Green & Lilac
7:00 - Buddy Reed
7:30 - Table Salt
8:00 - Spirit Makers
8:30 - Am I wrong
9:00 - Sleepin Jesus and The Dudes
9:30 - Diggin' Dirt
10:00 - Farmhouse Odyssey
11:00 - Liquid Kactus