Kinetic Sculpture Lab Fall FUNdraiser

Covid be damned! We can’t host the Haunted Kinetic Lab of Horrors so we are fundraising with flair this year. Make a donation to help the Kinetic Sculpture Lab cover annual expenses and you’ll own an authentic piece of Humboldt County history as our way of saying thank you for your support! For the bare minimum donation you’ll receive INSTANT GLORY! The more you donate, the more glorious your thank you gift will be. $5 Instant Glory $10 Haunted Lab Sticker plus instant glory. $15 Bag o Bribes: an eclectic mix of vintage, classic and shiny bribes $20 Race poster plus instant glory $30 Mystery Kinetic sculpture race shirt plus instant glory $50 Glow in the dark Haunted Lab shirt plus instant glory $50-$500 Genuine Glory: An item that is imbibed deeply with Glory because it has traversed the Kinetic Sculpture race. (This can be any number of items from a costume, prop, teddy bear, part of a machine, etc...) $500 - $10,000 Top Shelf Glory: A one of a kind, hand made piece of Kinetic Race or Haunted Kinetic Lab of Horrors memorabilia (costume helmet, race trophy, Haunted Lab panels/decor) by Ken Beidleman, June Moxon, Lush Newton, Lucas Thornton and others from the lab. Items may be picked up at the lab on Mondays in person by masked individuals between 2-4pm. Special arrangements may be possible to ship some items. Thank you for your support!