Kinetic Grand Championship

The following is a rundown on event and location highlights for the 2013 Kinetic Grand Championship. Be sure to check in with your Lost Coast Outpost and KHUM for race photos, updates and unverifiable kontroversy throughout the weekend.

Saturday, May 25

10 a.m.-noon - Arcata Plaza Teams make their way around the square past the art, engineering and pageantry judges. Walk around and see the different teams show off and "test their brakes." Noon, the Race Starts! At the noon whistle, all of the teams swarm the plaza in a big Le Mans style start. Spectators must clear the road!

Manila Dunes Party Racers make pit stop and prepare to take their sculptures onto the sand. Spectators are welcome to follow the racers through the dunes on foot out onto the beach for a few miles, then back into "June's Dunes" to head up the notorious Dead Man's Drop.

Dead Man's Drop Alternative to hiking along the beach, spectators can skip the sand and go straight from the Manila Dunes Community Center back out Peninsula Drive to 255, then south to the Samoa Bridges. There you can park, and follow the crowds up the race course into the dune forest and out to Dead Man's Drop: a 100-foot sand dune with a serious left hand pitch. The machine that rolls over the most spectacularly wins a special prize. Be prepared with water, sunscreen and bug spray.

Halvorsen Park Finish Line Party on the Eureka Waterfront The finish line for day one is the Super Secret Halvorsen Park After Party. Get an up-close look at the Kinetic Sculptures after their long day of scrapes and trials.

Sunday, May 26

9:30-10:30 a.m. Water Crossing Teams arrive and prepare to enter the water from the public marina by the Wharfinger Building, 1 Waterfront Drive, Eureka. Find a spot along the shore to watch teams enter the water one by one, and (hopefully) make their way floating with the tide along Humboldt Bay. Follow along the waterfront, or enjoy the view from the bay on your own small watercraft. Teams will exit under the Samoa Bridge ramp near Halvorsen Park, then race through Old Town.

Pit Stop at Eureka Natural Foods Teams stop and eat a healthy lunch before heading along South Eureka's waterfront trails starting with the trail through PALCO Marsh behind the Bayshore Mall. The route continues on Hiksari Trail, a great new trail in South Eureka. Walk or bike along, and watch teams navigate the teeny tiny mud trap.

Loleta Hill It's a long uphill climb followed by a white-knuckle 7 percent grade winding down past steep drops into the river valley below. Park on the opposite side of the road, and give them some Glory, they're going to need it. In the town of Loleta, racers turn down Cannibal Island Road toward the finish line and a racers only campout at Crab Park.

Monday, May 27

1 p.m. to 4:32 p.m. Main Street Ferndale KGC teams cross the finish line at Main and Brown after 1 p.m. (following Ferndale's Memorial Day Parade). It takes a few hours for all the teams to make it, some in a mad dash to finish in good time, some being dragged by their battered crews -- all in GLORY! Glorious Awards Dinner follows at Ferndale Foreman's Hall.



Section 1, Arcata to Manila

Section 2, Manila to Beach

Section 3, The Beach to June's Dune & Deadman's

Section 4, Samoa Bridge to Eureka


Section 1, Humboldt Bay & Eureka

Section 2, Eureka to Crab Park


Water Crossing: Crab Park To Ferndale