Kash for Kinetic$

Ya Kinetic Sculpture Race! Its time to raise some money for our amazing Kinetic Sculpters! We have two teams that need our help to make their machines flawless. We have Athletes Foot! You may recall them from last year as Bigfoot. I know my son remembers them, when he still asks me to see the pictures of the Bigfoot, even after a year. We also have Red Fish Two Fish you may remember them as the big Angler fish. Two great teams deserve two great beer baskets . We will be holding a raffle all month long with the option of winning two amazing beer baskets! Yes the baskets include Sour beers, IPAs and other delicious brews. 100% of the proceeds will be divided between the two teams to get their machines up and running. Is that all you ask? Of course not. The Local Beer Bar will be matching funds up to $500 in the raffle. So for the love of racing get down here and buy some tickets and help us raise as much as we can for these two great teams! Tickets are $1 sold all month long. You do not have to be present to win. The drawing will be held at 9 on Tuesday April 30th