Jelly Bread, emerging out of Reno, NV, is a tour de force of full frontal funk, thoroughly steeped in a Rock-Americana style, with a dash of indie, alt-rock radio appeal. The band’s ability to meld the elements of a high desert twang and Oakland funk & rock through musical alchemy produces a chameleonic playlist highlighted by the diverse and unique vocals that bounce between native chanting at a bluegrass barbeque and a gospel singer fronting a rock band at a Sunday morning service. 

The band is fronted by award winning songwriter and lap steel player, Dave Berry, and vocalist and beast of drummer, Cliff Porter. Dave and Cliff have known each other since childhood, growing up in the same neighborhood and attending the same schools, but only joined musical forces 4 years ago. Cliff brought along his gospel band / rhythm section partner, Brady Carthen, and his bass slappin’ dirty funk with him. Likewise, Dave brought in songwriting collaborator and keyboard player, Eric Matlock, resulting in the core group that has crafted a hi-energy calling card that is counter-balanced by exceptional songwriting and storytelling. This mix of in-the-pocket drum and bass grooves, swampy lap steel guitar, dirt under the fingernails guitar licks, and take-’em-to-church organ is downright appetizing--bright colors and sweet, funky flavors. 

Jelly Bread's sound is quickly catching the attention of festivals with upcoming appearances at High Sierra Music Festival, back to back Strawberry Music Festival plays, Joshua Tree Music Festival, Cascadia Music Festival (featuring Bruce Hornsby & Railroad Earth) among others.