Intro to Social Media: What the heck is a hashtag?

Family Resource Center 494 Pacific Ave, Crescent City CA 95531 "You have a business or you’re self-employed. You know you should ‘get your name out there’ on social media. But where to get started? Come to this fun, low-key workshop on the basics of social media marketing. Best for people who want more confidence before they spend a lot of time or money trying to reach customers this way. You’ll come away knowing: What are the social media channels? How do they work? Who uses them? Become an insider. Learn basic tips and tricks: keywords, hashtags, using photo and videos, tagging, “at”ing, liking, and more. What are some easy ways to start using social media to bring customers in the door? Walk away with a bunch of self-help resources so you can do more on your own. And then sign up for the next classes in the series. This one is best after you’ve taken the Business Basics: Think Like a Marketer workshop (not required). It works well as a foundation for the next workshops in the E-Commerce & Digital Marketing series." Join SBDC for a business workshop! Curious about what the Small Business Development Center does? Have questions about small business? Check us out at northcoastsbdc.org or call (707) 445 - 9720.