Hank 3

The king of “Hellbilly”, Hank 3, will be back at the Mateel on Wednesday, October 16th for the debut tour of a new double album entitled Brothers of the 4x4 and a single punk album entitled A Fiendish Threat.

The grandson of country music legend Hank Williams and the son of Hank Williams Junior, Hank 3 is one of the most prominent musicians to play neotraditional country in a country music market dominated by pop country.

His shows are legendary for their intensity and length, and this show is planned to be both energetic and ecclectic. Here's what's planned for this amazing 4 ½ - hour show:

1) "Hank 3 and The Damn Band" 
~ A 2-hour set of Hank's country/hillbilly music...

2) "Fiendish Threat" 
~ A ½ hour of Hank's newest punk...

3) "Attention Deficit Domination" (with a movie) 
~ A 1 hour set of “Doom Metal” which will include the film "Tribulation 99: Alien Anomalies Under Amereica", a Craig Baldwin film...

4) "3 Bar Ranch" 
~ A ½ hour of what Hank calls “speed metal with cattle calling”!

Hank 3 tickets are being sold at the usual outlets including Redway Liquor, SHC in Garberville; Redwood Music Mart and The Works in Eureka; Peoples Records in Arcata; Peg House in Leggett; It Takes Two to Tangle in Laytonville; Main Street Music in Willits; Ukiah Natural Foods in Ukiah and Tangents in Fort Bragg. Tickets are $25 and will also be sold at the door if still available.

More about Hank....

Shelton Hank Williams, known as "Hank 3" (born December 12, 1972), is the grandson of country music legend Hank Williams and the son of Hank Williams Junior. He is one of the most prominent musicians to play neotraditional country in a country music market dominated by pop country.

Hank 3 shows are legendary for their length and intensity, averaging three hours a night, starting with a country set and ending with whatever his latest musical experiment happens to be.

For this touring cycle, fans will get to taste the hardcore punk horror rock of A Fiendish Threat, a rippingly fast blast of sounds reminiscent of The Misfits, Minor Threat, 7 Seconds, The Ramones and other punk rock greats that are as much a part of Hank 3's musical identity as his country roots. But A Fiendish Threat, like all of the man's musical output, is anything but a formulaic, by-the-numbers rehash of what has been previously done by others.

Stand up bass, fiddle, and banjo are not exactly standard instruments in punk rock, but they are on this record, riding beneath 3's howling distorted vocals. Perhaps this is the birth of rebelcore punk? Whatever you want to call it, Williams has left his own touch on the genre, even utilizing a bizarrely beautiful Hula-music-on-acid sounding Hawaiian guitar at times. Some of the songs can make the listener feel like someone dropped LSD in their cheap draft beer at a CBGB matinee show headlined by a ghoulish Hawaiian punk band.

A Fiendish Threat is yet another of Williams already numerous signature sounds, and he's excited to put it in front of the audience for the first time. "You know when you do a new record, you just want to play it for all your friends. That's what I'm excited for with this punk record, I get use a voice that doesn't get used that often, and pay respects to some of my influences at the same time. Doing this record made feel like I was growing stronger- it took some of the years off me, to tell you the truth. Playing it makes me feel young again," he laughs, "How long I will be able to pull it off all depends on the voice, man.”

The king of Hellbilly, Mr. Hank3 himself, is pleased to announce a triple-threat of new releases, hitting stores October 1, 2013. Hank3 will release a brand new DOUBLE country album, entitled Brothers of the 4x4, and a single punk album, entitledA Fiendish Threat, with his new project “3”. Brothers of the 4x4 and A Fiendish Threat will both be available as double LP vinyl versions.

With these dual releases, Brothers of the 4x4 and A Fiendish Threat added to his already huge and varied arsenal of music, Hank3 will be raising all sorts of hell on stage while the fans raise their glasses in the audience once again, and you can bet your last damn dollar on that.