Halloween Spooks

When Halloween returns each October, familiar sights are found haunting Humboldt County and the North Coast. Jack O’Lanterns glow from the front windows of homes, lawns are festooned with tombstones and skeletal remains, costumes both festive and frightening are worn in the streets of Old Town, dried leaves skitter across empty fields, and a chill wind blows from cemetery to sea. And at Old Town Coffee & Chocolates, our resident wandering spectre Carpathian serves up his annual night of scary stories and spooky songs, to the delight of young and old alike. “HALLOWEEN SPOOKS – Stories & Songs for the October Season” features special appearances by Carpathian’s human companions Paul Woodland, Amanda Lightfoot-Wright and Eine Perez, all guaranteed to weave a spell of the Samheim Season over their audience. Come enjoy a hauntingly good time with macabre fun and frights for everyone! Admission is free; this is an all-ages event.

  • Free
  • Phone: 445-8600
  • Email: carpathian@patientcreatures.com
  • Web site
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