Goddess Meditation & deep Healing

Cultivate your own spiritual practice... make peace with how you feel, how you heal, how you love & care for yourself, and learn how to reboot. Do you ever just feel disgusted by what's going on in your head? Do your thoughts sometimes make you feel isolated? Have you wanted to develop a spiritual practice, but not known how to start? Come learn a meditation technique that will: Increase your Energy, Create Upliftment, Develop Intellect & Intuition, Open your Heart, Allow you to Unburden, Relax and Transform you. The purpose of this class is to help you establish a True practice of Meditation. You will receive the teaching, rather than being self-taught or self-guided. And the practice will be amplified & empowered by the group. You will be encouraged & guided to take this practice home and make your very own personal, spiritual practice. You will also experience a powerful healing to deal with your most challenging issue. bring a pillow and a blanket to insure optimum comfort! Come join us!