Fantastic Fungi Day

One movie. One movement. 500 theaters worldwide. Bringing the underground above ground for one epic day. What does it feel like to experience this mind-blowing immersive journey with hundreds of thousands of people connected simultaneously? This movie has been circulating around the world, inspiring thousands upon thousands of people and now is brought back to Arcata, CA as part of a worldwide showing of this film. The Collective Rising is delighted to bring this film to our community. We are blessed to live on land saturated with mycelium and fruiting body mushrooms. Join us on this day to enlighten yourself to the amazing power of this organism as well as learn what fungi grow around us and how we can work with them to enchance our own lives and propogate theirs. We will be joined by numerous representatives from the Mycophile people of Humboldt County as we watch this incredible film and have a community discussion where dedicated professionals can field any questions you have. Stay tuned for announcements and full schedule coming soon!! Online Tickets will be $15 + fees Tickets will be sold at the door, but there a limited amount of tickets, so please make sure to get them early!! ~~~~ Welcome to the Mycelial Matrix ~~~~