World Famous is teaming up with Phantom Wave for an extra special evening, celebrating the release of hometown hero ONHELL’s EP “Use”. We are also celebrating the release of EPROM’s new LP “Halflife” 

With barely one year since the release of his debut, West coast producer and sound system murderer Eprom is back on Rwina for a second album, Halflife. Such a quick return to the long player format could be seen as an affirmation of the old ‘you have your whole life to write a debut album…’ maxim, though in an age of sound bite music and easily digestible digital releases it’s more testament to Eprom’s creative drive and need to create a sonic space that only he can inhabit. Halflife continues the producer’s mad scientist approach to what makes a dance floor move: synthetizing the warmth of vintage computer sounds, the energy of African rhythmic traditions (including modern evolutions such as Kwaito and Shangaan Electro), the swagger of southern rap and the intricacy of pioneering electronic music from the likes of Richard Devine or Curtis Roads. The result is a heady melting pot, a unique sound that has some of the best DJs in the world – Gaslamp Killer, Kutmah, D-Styles – and the crowds always wanting more. Wasting no time, Eprom opens the album with a volley of tracks built to blow up sound systems and take heads off in the dance. Center of the Sun, Beasts of Babylon and Hurricane all display the sheer brilliance of Eprom’s mad scientist streak: a minimalist blend of low slung rhythmic alchemy, ten ton heavy bass and dark melodies more powerful than the soulless, over-the-top showboating that characterises much of today’s dance music. Screwface opens the second half of the album with more in-your-face brilliance as drums pound the bass bins into submission before Machine Skin rolls in with its hypnotic arpeggio to lead dancers around like a demented Pied Piper. In many ways Halflife unfolds like an Eprom live set: taking you places you hadn’t expected, showing you potentials for dance music you hadn’t thought possible before taking you back to reality. The benefit of the album is that once it’s finished you can press play and do it all over again.

Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area,Dean J. Grenier, (A.K.A DJG), landed in the Bay Area underground dance music scene 2007 with his first 12 “Shadow Skanking” b/w ‘Joyful Sound’ on Narco.Hz, two slices of lithe, slick dubstep. Immediate airplay for “Joyful Sound” on Rinse FM and drops in the clubs from prominent DJs like N-Type quickly propelled DJG to the forefront of American bass music producers early on in his career. Grenier’s production style is rich and welcoming, sometimes visceral but never anything less than evocative. Now operating under the name Grenier his recent productions see him moving in a more experimental direction, dropping the tempo to as low as 125 BPM while playing around with rhythmic structures that hint at soulful house, garage, and other weird shapes, all imbued with the warm melodic embrace he’s always kept hidden beneath the beats. With forthcoming releases on Tectonic, Photek Productions, Get Darker and Frite Nite (with LA’s Salva), 2012 looks to be a banner year for Grenier, as he continues work on his debut album. DJs ranging from Mary Anne Hobbs, Mala, Pearson Sound, 2562, Pinch, Addison Groove, Salva, Photek, N-Type, Distal and many more have been supporting DJG’s recent and forthcoming releases.

Angel Rubio-Hale AKA ONHELL is a 21 year old producer and promoter, influencing, playing and raging the Northern California party scene. Equipped with vintage synthesizers, cutting edge production tools and a drive for experimentation, he has perfected a signature multi-dimensional sound that can not be contained within any one genre. Like a sonic kaleidoscope, his songs infuse elements of future down-tempo, R&B, modern hip hop, and spacey psychedelic ambience. ONHELL’s sets of music run deep with hard hitting tonality, maintain a flowing diversity, and are known to contagiously move crowds on the dance floor. When he’s not playing at the show, he’s promoting and throwing the show instead. As a founding member of Phantom Wave, a label based in Humboldt County, he has promoted and developed some of the most infamous underground parties in the scene, and provided venues for dance music fans new and old to enjoy what they love. Always moving forward, and not to be missed, ONHELL will drop his first EP release, Use, on Phantom Wave on November 9th, 2013… TONIGHT!