Korbel V: The Secret

The 2014 MRF will kick off with this year's mainstage production Korbel V: The Secret. The long-awaited next episode of Dell'Arte's Humboldt County saga of the ill-fated Dugan family is back! See them in Dell’Arte’s Rooney Amphitheatre, with live music and comedy guaranteed. With a can of beer in one hand and a second can in the other, Michael Fieldsreturns to the stage as Tommy Dugan in this summer's all-new sequel to the Dell'Arte Company's popular 'Korbel' series.

Written by playwright and director Lauren WilsonKorbel V: The Secret catches up with Tommy seventeen years after the mill laid him off, the bank foreclosed on his house, and his mother stuck her head in a microwave oven. He is living in the woods in a derelict trailer, when he learns that the Korbel Timber Company is closing for good and evicting the workers' families from company housing. Inflamed by this affront to his sense of justice and surrounded by the ghosts of the past, Tommy struggles against himself, his ex-wife and his entire backwoods community to become the hero the town needs. Korbel V: The Secret is a laugh-filled glimpse of life amidst economic disaster, a comic tribute to one flawed human being hoping to help his community.

In addition to Fields, the cast includes Zuzka Sabata, Emily Newton, James Peck, Anthony Arnista, Ryan Musil, Andrew Eldredge, Yan Christian Collazo, and Joan Schirle as Dorothy Dugan. Musicians: Marla Joy, Tim Randles, Mike LaBolle.

Yan Christian Collazo
James Peck
Anthony Arnista
Zuzka Sabata
Emily Newton
Andrew Eldredge