Battle of the Worlds (1961)

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A hostile planet…from outer space hurtles toward Earth on a collision course!

Battle of the Worlds (1961) is an Italian science-fiction film directed by Antonio Margheriti and stars Claude Raines, Bill Carter and Maya Brent. A stray “spaceship” planet in a collision course for Earth, controlled and piloted by a gigantic computer programmed for the conquest of Earth, slows down and takes up orbit. The aliens responsible for this plan, and of the voyage which has required decades in space travel, are by now extinct, and the planet is lifeless, make exception for the computer and thousands of radio controlled flying saucers under it’s control. The computer, unaware of the extinction of its creators, continues relentlessly with the plan of conquest in order to complete its mission. An offbeat scientist, Professor Benson (Rains), works around the clock with his team of scientists to try to save the earth from attack from the invading planet and its fleet of flying attack saucers.