From the DTCV website:

Named after the Jean-Luc Godard film, Los-Angeles based post-punk outfit DTCV (Détective) was formed in March 2012 by James Greer (ex-Guided By Voices, Roi, Complete Portion Control, etc.), Guylaine Vivarat (ex-Useless Keys, 2 Hearts & Chemicals, Tennis System)) and Chris Dunn, a recent transplant from Chicago (the city, where he grew up and played in about a million bands). A music writer wrote recently (paraphrasing here)  that we sound like Debbie Harry fronting post-Nico Velvet Underground, and while that’s wildly inaccurate, it’s less wildly inaccurate than a lot of things that people have written about us, so we’re cool with it.

DTCV has thus far released two EPs, Very Fallen World and Basket of Masks. A full length album, However Strange, was released in late August on cassette by Burger Records to coincide with a national tour opening for Guided By Voices in September. The groop is currently working on an ambitious (read: contains free jazz saxophone skronk and possibly a flute solo, plus two songs that surpass the ten minute mark) double album with Steve Kille of Dead Meadow, which we hope to release in September 2013. We’re gearing up for a West Coast tour in August and a longer US tour in September, culminating in an appearance at the Pygmalion Music Festival at the end of that month. There’s more, much more, but you probably already stopped reading because according to Time Magazine you have no attention span and are skimming this on a digital device that hasn’t been invented yet.

You can find Very Fallen World, Basket of Masks, and However Strange here, and videos for some of the songs here and here and here. You can find DTCV on Facebookhere and on Twitter here and on Tumblr here and on Soundcloud here and on YouTube here and on Spotify here and on iTunes here. To name but a few of our internet presences."