Dara Daniel, Jeff Kelley, Chris Parreira

Join us for Arts Alive! Humboldt this Saturday at MikkiMoves' Living Room Gallery to celebrate the opening of a major collection of new oil paintings by artist Dara Daniel. Jeff Kelley and Chris Parreira will slay us with their songwriter ping-pong. You don't want to miss this one!
MikkiMoves is at the corner of 7th and I St., in Eureka. 805 7th.

Dara has developed a unique style and vision in oils, after several transitions and years of study in most mediums, utilizing a painterly approach and bold, contrasting colors. Dara states: “I choose to push color to create a mood and feeling for the time of the season and place I wish to paint.”

Jeff Kelley is a thoughtful singer/songwriter with 30 years' experience sitting behind a guitar and singing songs for people. He draws musically from folk, rock, and country and his lyrics reveal insight into the human experience with emotional understanding, a sharp intellect, and an unrelenting and uncompromising wit.

Chris Parreira's music contains an honesty that is rare in the modern songwriter. You can feel the open road in his songs. You can feel the ecstasy and the loneliness. You can feel the adventure. From the first line, you know this guy is living it.

Together they perform ping-pong style, trading songs back and forth. This format keeps the evening fresh for the performers and the audience alike.