College Night

The Arcata Theatre Lounge presents: College Night Doors 10:00pm 21+ $3 Drinks All Night with performances by: Vinyl Ritchie Eluid & The ATL Dance Team Sound & Lights by B2B Vinyl Ritchie: Local DJ who has mixed all varieties of music, with influences of electronic specific to club, house, & pop house, as well as timeless favorites and modern pop. He has been featured at multiple festivals and has recently picked up the turn tables again after some time off. Eluid: A DJ out of Los Angeles, Eluid has made a strong impression as a previous guest DJ at the ATL. With house, club, & tasteful trap influences. He is sure to make you dance, and shout "1 more song" The ATL Dance Team: Over the past 3 months our beautiful dancers have been a prominent feature upon the stage. Come be captivated as they are sure to catch your attention. We look forward to welcoming you, one of our last college nights of the semester. Come party, just make sure you make it to class the next day.