Buck Biloxi and the Fucks

Like most of you, the Lost Coast Outpost is majorly pissed off today! Do any of y'all remember signing something that said, "I, (insert name), am totally cool with not getting Columbus Day off anymore." Yeah, me either. And yet here we are toiling on this most American of holidays. BS.

Well, there's really only one thing for us to all do with all this whine/rage. Thankfully, the patriots at The Alibi in Arcata had the foresight to book some moshable celebratory punk rock for all the non-three-day-weekend-getting wage slaves who've had their rights stolen from them. (Native Americans are probably invited as well.)

So crank your laptop speakers, stick a fist in the air and enjoy Buck Biloxi and the Fucks' Columbus Day classic "Shut the Hell Up." See you at the 'Bi, history lovers.

-Andrew Goff

  • $5
  • Ages: 21+
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