Lyndsey Battle Kickstarter Party for 'All Ways In A Good Way'

Join us this Friday at The Garden Gate on the Plaza where we (Lyndsey Battle, Cory Goldman and Brian Hennesy) will be playing music and kickstarting our new album in real space and time. Auctioneer extraordinaire Andrew Goff, wil be auctioning off a few token items:
-alien suit made by Duane Flatmo
-8'0 longboard
-super cute and fluffy baby chinchilla (only to a good home)
-an accordion
(more to be announced soon)

We will be setting up an in-person style kickstarter to pre-order the new album, or back us by choosing other rewards listed on the campaign site. All the money we raise will go directly to kickstart the new album, 'All Ways in a Good Way':

In addition to live music, this moth's visual artist is Michael Gonzales from Trinidad and wine will be poured by the Companion Animal Foundation. For more information, call 822-2156.

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