9th Annual Joni Mitchell Tribute Show

The Joni Project – a collection of musicians and singers from around Humboldt County – have been gathering each November, near Joni’s birthday, to perform songs from her vast repertoire since 2012! This year marks the 9th annual show! (Excluding the two years lost to the pandemic).

Featuring a core band of local musicians and a selection of guest singers, this year’s show focuses on the 50th anniversaries of Joni’s seminal album Blue (in 2021) and For the Roses (in 2022), along with songs from a variety of other albums.

This year’s show features:
Morgan Corviday
Jan Bramlett
Marla Joy
Marcia Mendels
Chris Manspeaker
tofü mike
Julie Froblom
Tina Garsen
Leslie Quinn
Peggy Martinez
Candace Wase
Beverly Twist
Andrea Zvaleko
Violet Dinning

Joni’s music doesn’t easily fit into a singular genre. Her varied songwriting styles span from introspective solo singer-songwriter gems to challenging jazz and rock-flavored compositions with complex timing and structure, flavored with the emotion of her personal experiences and politics of the time.

Masks are required for this show. Please bring your own!
Masks will be available at the door if you forget yours.

This show has a history of selling out, so get your tickets early! We hope to see you there!