2017 Thesis Festival

BLUE LAKE, CA - Dell’Arte International School of Physical Theatre presents the 2017 Thesis Festival featuring four new one-act plays created by this year’s graduating MFA class. The international ensemble of theatre makers will perform their work May 18 – 21 and May 25 – 28 at 8 p.m. at the Carlo Theatre in Blue Lake. The festival will show What Have You Done, Eli and Broken! on Thursdays and Saturdays; and Prose Poem and WE ARE HAVING A NICE TIME on Fridays and Sundays. Ticket holders will be able to bring their stubs in for admission to any corresponding evening in order to see all four plays. All tickets are pay-what- you-can. To reserve tickets, call 707-668-5663. Appropriate for 15 years of age and up. Dell’Arte International School of Physical Theatre is the first North American educational institution to offer a graduate degree in ensemble-based physical theatre. Students from around the world have attended the program since 2008 when it was first introduced in Humboldt County alongside the pre-existing Professional Training Program. The 2017 Thesis Festival marks the culmination of three years of study by artists from 6 different countries. These theatre- makers of tomorrow have engaged a myriad of styles promising a spectacularly diverse and exciting evening of performance! The 2017 Thesis Festival includes: What Have You Done, Eli? In the depths of a city, a troubled boy driven by his insatiable desire for wonder, commits an irreversible act. The boy, his mother, and a former circus bear, find themselves outcasts from their utopian world. This peculiar trio must now depend on each other for their survival. A magical drama devised by an international ensemble: Zafiria Dimitropoulou (Greece), Becca Finney (USA), and Tushar Mathew (India). Broken! What does Justice, Redemption and Absolution mean for the Victims and Perpetrators of Heinous Crimes? What does it take to make the Lacerations of Trauma disappear from their Hearts, Minds and Souls? Broken! is a meeting point between the Broken past and the Broken future. It is a Journey into the world of Zimbabwean Ritual Tradition and Greek Tragedy. Co- Created and Performed by Everson Ndlovu and Tafadzwa Bob Mutumbi (Zimbabwe). Prose Poem An audience immersive theatrical experience where you are taken out of your seat and into the world of three characters, trapped on a pendulum between hope and despair. Share the space and join the journey between the shadow and the soul. Created by Emilia Bjork(Sweden), Grayson Bradshaw(USA), and Jenny Lamb(USA).There are a limited number of "Stage Floor Tickets" available. These ticket holders will be onstage with the actors for the duration of the performance. They are allowed to move freely around the stage and scenery, following the action of the characters. The stage is as much yours as it is ours. "Stage Floor Tickets" are on a first come first served basis. WE ARE HAVING A NICE TIME A renowned family comes together for a simple celebration and is determined to have a nice time but then a trapdoor opens, the gloves come off, games are played and lost, and unless you're enjoying yourself Dirty Daddy is going to get you. Dinner is served with a side of chaos in this poetic farce created by the international ensemble of Jeesun Choi (Korea), Anne Kjaer Waehrens (Denmark), and Taylor Brewerton, Kevin Duvall, and Lucius Robinson (USA) WHAT: 2017 THESIS FESTIVAL WHERE: Dell’Arte’s Carlo Theatre, 131 H Street, Blue Lake WHEN: Thursday – Sunday, May 18 - 21 & May 25 - 28 at 8 p.m. What Have You Done, Eli & Broken! on Thursdays and Saturdays Prose Poem & WE ARE HAVING A NICE TIME on Fridays and Sundays TICKETS: Pay-What- You-Can, call for reservations: (707) 668-5663 AGE APPROPRIATE: 15 years old and up. Contact for more info: Alex Blouin (alex@dellarte.com), (707) 668-5663 ext. 115