2000 Tons of TNT

From San Diego's musical underground comes 2000 Tons of TNT. Borrowing its name from the skinhead reggae staple by the G.G. All-Stars, the group interprets the funky, organ-driven rhythms of late 60's and early 70's Jamaica and Britain through a North American lens. Their raw take on the early reggae sound is fused with garage, soul, and more on their debut album Reggae Mysteria, self-released in July 2012. The 11-track disc was well-received locally (the track "Shot in The Dark" was featured on Tim Pyles' The Local 9/49 radio show) and worldwide, earning positive reviews from NYC's The Duff Guide to Ska and France's Rudeboy Train, in addition to receiving airplay on the UK's Wolfman Radio and Australia's Ska Trek Brisbane. Early 2013 saw the release of the free-to-download digital offerings Harvest Moon/Wonky (soon to be released on 7") and the three-track Lost Sampler. The band is currently hard at work on various recording projects and an eventual follow-up to Reggae Mysteria.

Since 2009, 2000 Tons has consistently performed around southern California and even crossed over to nearby Tijuana, Mexico making many friends along the way. They have shared the stage with legendary Jamaican artists such as The Skatalites, Pat Kelly, Keith & Tex, and Errol Dunkley as well as national favorites including The Toasters, The Untouchables, Go Jimmy Go, The Debonaires, Queen P, and The Delirians.