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WEDNESDAY LOWDOWN: Buck Meek in Arcata

Outer Space in Arcata has once again corralled a herd of bands for Wednesday night including headliner Buck Meek from Texas. Details down in the Lowdown


Science on Tap: Disease in a Dish

Blondies Food and Drink / 6 p.m.

Recent discoveries in stem cell biology have fundamentally changed the way scientists model and understand human disease. Learn more with Dr. John W. Steele, HSU Department of Biological Sciences.

822-3453 / Web site

The Brain Machine (1977)

Arcata Theatre Lounge / 6 p.m. / $5

Sci-Fi Night! A group of ruthless scientists begin to conduct a series of experiments on volunteers who've been misled to believe it was for mind reading/memory. When in truth, they've just surrendered their minds.

822-1220 / Web site

My Favorite Lecture

Plaza View Room / 6-8 p.m.

Eugene Novotney, Ph.D, takes you on a journey through the unique history that led to the development of the Steel Drum in the southern Caribbean.

822-4500 / arcatamainstreet@gmail.com / Web site

Buck Meek, Twain

Outer Space / 7-10 p.m. / $6

"Special touring guests Buck Meek (Driftwood, TX) and Twain (Franklin County, VA) will be joining us with the help of local acts Hollan and Emelia Grace."

tubbs.noah@gmail.com / Web site

Muse: A Work in Progress by Joan Schirle

Arcata Playhouse / noon-1 p.m. / $10

822-1575 / zerotofierce@gmail.com / Web site

Night of "1000" Leftovers

Humboldt Cider Company Tap Room / 2-10 p.m. / Free / 21+

497-6320 / maricela@humboldtcidercompany.com / Web site

Library Lego Club

Fortuna Library / 3-4:30 p.m. / Free

We provide many Lego sets, you bring imagination to build cool cars and fun creations.

725-3460 /

Open House at 221 Ponderosa Ct, Eureka

See Event Description / 4-6 p.m. / Free

515-6683 / info@mikkimoves.com / Web site

Pints and Pizza for Nonprofits

The Madrone / 4-8 p.m.

Tonight we are donating $1 per pint sold and 10% of wood-fired pizza sales to Friends of the Dunes, our local nonprofit in Manila dedicated to conserving coastal environments through education and stewardship!

Web site

Pints and Pizza

The Madrone / 4-8 p.m. / Free

They will be donating $1 for every pint sold and 10% of their pizza sales to Friends of the Dunes, a nonprofit organization in Manila dedicated to conserving coastal environments through education and stewardship.

273-5129 / Web site

Onesie Wednesday

Arts and Drafts / 5-9 p.m. / Free / 21+

If you come into Arts & Drafts wearing a Onesie, you will get $ 1 off each of your drinks!

798-6329 / info@artsanddraftseureka.com / Web site

Sip 'n' Paint: Northern Lights

Arts and Drafts / 6-8 p.m. / $25 / 21+

Grab a drink and create your own Cosmic Masterpiece. Learn how to paint swirling galaxies and star clusters, with your own custom foreground silhouette.

798-6329 / info@artsanddraftseureka.com / Web site

Jazz Night with Bill Allison & Friends

Phatsy Kline's Parlor Lounge / 6 p.m. / Free / 21+

Bill Allison brings back the tantalizing smooth sounds of history of American jazz.

444-3344 / specialevents.eaglehouse@gmail.com / Web site

Stand Up Comedy Class

Savage Henry Comedy Club / 7-8:30 p.m. / $50 / $15 Drop in rate per class / 18+

Five 90 minute classes and workshops for stand up comedy taught by local comics who have put years under their belt and have played out of town multiple times.

845-8864 / editor@savagehenrymagazine.com / Web site

Cuban Salsa (Rueda de Casino)

Redwood Raks World Dance Studio / 7:15-8:15 p.m. / $7 / $40 6 week series

Salsa rueda is a circle of couples dancing changing partners to patterns called out in Spanish or shown with hand signals. Sponsored by Humboldt Folk Dancers.

822-2652 / jacaronda@suddenlink.net / Web site

Jazz Night

Phatsy Kline's Parlor Lounge / 7:30 p.m.

With local pianist Bill Allison and friends.

444-3344 / Web site

RockStar Karaoke

Central Station / 9 p.m. / Free / 21+

Pick It, Sing It, Rock It

708-839-2013 /


Vista Del Mar / 9 p.m. / Free / 21+

Provided by Lightning Boom productions.

443-3770 / vistadelmarbar@gmail.com /

Open Mikey

Savage Henry Comedy Club / 9-11 p.m. / Free / 18+

Eureka's longest running comedy open mic. Hosted by Nando Molina, Jessica Grant and Josh Barnes.

editor@savagehenrymagazine.com / Web site

Rude Lion Sound

Toby and Jacks / 10 p.m. / 21+

Were you just thinking, "Is there anyplace that has Dancehall Wednesdays?" Here it is!

Whomp Wednesday

The Jam / 10 p.m. / 21+

whomp whomp whomp whomp whomp whomp whomp.

822-4766 / Web site


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