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Lowdown: Where Can Humboldt See A Billy Joel Tribute Band For Free?

It would be foolish to assume that all you Lowdown frequenters wouldn't be interested to know that there will be a Billy Joel tribute band playing for free Thursday in your neighbs, right? You totally care about this. So take note, the cleverly named Joel: The Band will start the fire at the C Street Market Square this afternoon as part of the Eureka Summer Concert series. How do you know they've got the chops to do the Piano Man justice? Here's a selection of press quotes from the band's website (also included in the video above):

Your mission should be clear at this point, right? No? Well, we guess you could turn up your nose at all the spectacular-ness and head over to HumBrews where The Shook Twins will fill your soul with talent jealousy. Identical twin sisters Laurie and Katelyn Shook have more than secured their awesomeness credentials at this point with their tight harmonies, compelling songwriting, inventive use of loop pedals and hypnotizing stage presence. OK, you're right. That will almost assuredly be a classier affair. Do that, HumCo.

But wait! Joel: The Band starts at 6 p.m. and The Shook Twins don't go on 'til 9 p.m. You don't have to choose! Humboldt wins again!

-Andrew Goff


Joel: The Band

C Street Market Square / 6 p.m.

Eureka Concert Series features Joel: The Band, a band that, as you might infer from their name, plays songs by Billy Joel.

The Comedy of Errors

Dell'Arte / 8 p.m. / $18

Set in a place much like the Arcata Plaza, at an event much like the Farmers Market, Dell’Arte puts an original twist on Shakespeare’s outrageous farce.

Shook Twins

Humboldt Brews / 9 p.m. / $10 / 21+

Identical twins Laurie Shook (vocals, banjo, percussion and beatboxing) and Katelyn Shook (vocals, guitar and mandolin).

826-2739 / Web site

Henderson Center Farmers' Market

Henderson Center / 10 a.m.-1 p.m.

Locally grown food. Live music. Runs from June to October.

McKinleyville Farmers' Market

McKinleyville Shopping Center / 3:30-6:30 p.m.

Locally grown food. Runs from June to October.

268-1800 / Web site

Todd Krider

3 Foods Cafe / 6-9 p.m.

Local guitar wizard helps you digest your Dark and Gruesome.

822-9474 / Web site

Fred and Junior

Mad River Brewery Tasting Room / 6 p.m.

Local swing jazz duo helps the hops go down.

668-4151 / Web site

Todd Krider

3 Foods Cafe / 6-9 p.m.

Local guitar wizard helps you digest your Dark and Gruesome.

822-9474 / Web site

Blue Lotus Jazz

Angelina Inn / 6-9 p.m.

Romantic jazz with your dinner?

725-5200 / davewilsonguitarist@yahoo.com / Web site

HSU Guitar Group

Libation / 7 p.m.

825-7596 / Web site

Open Mic

Blondies Food and Drink / 7 p.m.

Perform yer stuff. Make some chums.

822-3453 / Web site

MC Quartet

Persimmons Garden Gallery / 7 p.m.

Jazz group featuring Michael Curran, Jim Wilde, Greg Goad and Damien Roomets.

923-2748 / Web site

Kenny Ray and the Mighty Rovers

Shamus T Bones / 7:30 p.m.

Old time country while you eat meat.

407-3550 / Web site

2000 Tons of TNT

Little Red Lion / 8 p.m. / 21+

From San Diego's musical reggae underground.

Karaoke w/ KJ Leonard

Blue Lake Casino and Hotel / 8 p.m.

When selecting your song, please keep in mind your audience would like to dance.

668-9770 / Web site

Karaoke w/ Chris Clay

Bear River Casino Resort / 8 p.m.

Please don't do "Bohemian Rhapsody." That never works.

733-9644 / Web site

Open Jam

The Forks / 8:30 p.m. / 21+

With Jimi Jeff.

530-629-2679 /

Kindred Spirits

Clam Beach Inn / 8:30 p.m.

839-0545 /

Accurate Productions

Cher-Ae Heights Casino / 9 p.m. / 21+

S.I.N. and Service Night DJ night.

800-684-2464 / Web site

Comedy Night

Six Rivers Brewery / 9 p.m.

Stand up comedy with local and out of the area comics. $5 door fee

839-7580 / Web site

Pressure/Anya DJs

Nocturnum / 9 p.m. / 21+

Dirty Thursdays bump 'n' grind boogie down.

499-0163 /

Thrusty Thursday Comedy

Six Rivers Brewery / 9 p.m. / $5

From SF Kevin O'Shea, Caitlin Gill and local yocals Josh Duke, Dutch Savage and Anders Larson.

839-7580 / Web site

Rude Lion Sound

Sidelines / 9:30 p.m. / 21+

Hip hop krunkage for your butt.

822-0919 /


#MongolianNightz / 10 p.m.-2 a.m. / 21+

Weekly exposition of local innovators in EDM hip hop, and bass music.

Web site


Broadway Cinema
Mill Creek Cinema
Minor Theatre