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Rex Bohn, Oyster Tamer

The Lowdown's countdown to the somewhat controversial Oyster Fest 2013 continues today as we look ahead to one of the most popular features of the day: the annual KWPT The Point Shuck and Swallow Contest.

In case you've been living under a shell here's how it works: Five teams of two people consisting of one shucker and one swallower will gross you out with their attempts to make four dozen raw oysters disappear in the shortest possible time. The process is anything but graceful (I speak from experience.)

Now, with the promise of smeared oyster guts and upchuck, it sure would be a lot of fun to get some high-profile dude with a big, important title to enter the fray, right?

What's this? Enter 1st District Supervisor, spotlight stealer and newly confirmed raw oyster swallower Rex Bohn? No way! Well, we've gotta see that. Especially because there's actually a real chance he and shucker Kevin Jenkins of McKinleyville ACE could win this wide open field -- the dynasty that was seven-time Shuck and Swallow champions Conor Eckholm and Aiden Semingson have retired from competition. Suck them slimy bivalves to glory, Rex!

How does the beloved supe feel about his chances? Bohn recently spoke with KWPT The Point's Andy Powell to discuss the event and talk a little trash to, among others, fellow supervisor Mark Lovelace who was too, uh, busy to get his face dirty. Listen below!

-Andrew Goff

Audio: Rex Bohn, Oyster Tamer


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