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Monday, Schmonday or: Don't Call 'Em The Honeybears

This is the easiest decision you'll make all week.

Monday's clear cut winner for your entertainment dollar is the returning funk/blues band-to-watch Black Joe Lewis (they've dropped the "and the Honeybears," for the record). Humboldtians who've caught the band during their handful of previous jaunts behind the Redwood Curtain will attest that the oft-abused descriptor "high-energy" is certainly an understatement when applied to the revival that is the BJL live experience. If you are savvy enough to hit HumBrews tonight, prepare to have thy senses exhausted by actual live music.

The group is touring on a new album, 2013's Electric Slave. Below, your Lowdown presents the video for "Come to My Party," both a song and an appropriate command for this Monday.

-Andrew Goff


Black Joe Lewis

Humboldt Brews / 9 p.m. / $15 / 21+

"Joe Lewis hails from Austin, TX, the collision center where Southern soul meets mid-western blues and vagabond punk. Unable to keep away from the infectious music scene Austin is infamous for, Joe Lewis soaked it all in and soon purchased his first guitar while working in a pawnshop." Radkey opens.

826-2739 / Web site

The Getdown

The Jam / 9 p.m. / 21+

Humboldt's finest funk musicians get up to Getdown.

822-4766 / Web site

Golden Rule Fundraiser

Northcoast Horticulture Supply / 9:30 a.m.-6:30 p.m. / $5

839-9998 / juliet@northcoasths.com / Web site

Winter Soccer Academy Begins

Samoa Gym / 10 a.m. / $110

839-6554 / mspetzler@opendoorhealth.com / Web site

Volunteer Orientation

Food for People / 2:30-3:30 p.m. / Free

445-3166 / panderson@foodforpeople.org / Web site

Monday Night Football

Arcata Theatre Lounge / 6:30 p.m.

822-1220 / Web site

Friendship Circle Dance

Moose Lodge / 7-10 p.m. / $4

Dancing to live music featuring tunes from the 1930s, ‘40s and ‘50s.

444-3161 /

Open Mic

Shamus T Bones / 7 p.m.

Every Monday with bluesy hosts Jim Lahman Band.

407-3550 / Web site

Swing Dance Night

Redwood Raks World Dance Studio / 7-10 p.m. / $7

616-6876 / Web site

Lemon Lemon Cherry

SpeakEasy / 7 p.m. / 21+

Experimental folk-jazz.

444-2244 / Web site

Quiz Night

Blondies Food and Drink / 7 p.m.

Aww, show people how smart you are when you drink. Adorable.

822-3453 / Web site

Really Cheap Bowling

Harbor Lanes / 8 p.m.-midnight

$1.75 per game? Steeeee-rike!

No Covers

Eureka Inn / 8 p.m.

Improvisational piano/drum duo.

497-6093 / Web site

Jimi Jeff Open Jam Night

Simon LeGree's Roadhouse Saloon / 8:30 p.m. / 21+

Jam in the middle of nowhere -- really as far east as you ever want to go.

Ultra Secret Good Guy Organization

Palm Lounge at The Eureka Inn / 8:30 p.m.

Jazz improv jam hosted by Tamaras with various invited musicians, bi-monthly.

Roots and Culture Dance Night

Robert Goodman Wines/Machine Works / 9 p.m.

Reggae and world music every Monday night.

826-9463 / Web site

Rude Lion Sound's Dancehall Mondays

Ocean Grove Lodge / 9:30 p.m. / 21+

Reggae/dancehall night. Looks like this.

677-3543 / Web site


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