Friday the 28th | Live Broadcast from The Blue Lake Casino

Cake, Reggie Watts, Drew Carey, Emmylou Harris and the Rest of Center Arts' 2013/14 Season Announced

Friday, May 17th on The South Side | 7 to 10pm

Friday, April 3rd | The South Side

Opinion: NY Times On 4/20 Eve

In Studio: BrownChicken BrownCow StingBand

In Studio: River Valley Mud

The South Side | Blues & Soul Every Friday 7 to 10pm

In Studio: Robert Sarazin Blake

In Studio: California Honeydrops

KHUM Encore: Yogoman Burning Band at ATL

Beach House's Haltingly Weird New Video

Jazz Festival This Weekend

This Week on The South Side | Friday 7-10pm

Win Bottle Rock Tickets From KHUM

In Studio: SambAmore

In Studio: Diego's Umbrella

In Studio: Deke Dickerson

Lindsay Lou & The Flatbellys

Beck Reimagines David Bowie's "Sound and Vision"

In Studio: Jake Shimabukuro

In Studio: Bee Eaters

MDDP: DJ Mantease

In Studio: Casey Driessen

In Studio: Brothers Comatose

In Studio: Jeff Jolly

Upstage Live: Tommy Emmanuel

Tater Famine Live In Studio

Set Yourself to Music: The Stories and Songs of Bill Bottrell with David Hayes

Sara Watkins

Upstage Live: Charlie Hunter & Scott Amendola

Polecat Live In Studio

Interview: Bob Weir

Local Music CD To Benefit Youth Music Programs

Kendl Winter Visits KHUM

In Studio: Kites & Crows 11/18

KHUM Studio As Clown Car

Great American Taxi Live In Studio

KHUM Encore: Blushin' Roulettes from 2007

Video: Woven Roots

In Studio: Owl Paws

Chris Frantz Speaks

On Music And Emotion

Fri the 5th on The South Side ~ B'day Tribute to Rick Estrin

In Studio: Yo Mama's Big Fat Booty Band

In Studio: Shook Twins

Earl Thomas At The Rep

Who Else Used This Cover?

In Studio: Meklit & Quinn

In Studio: Likwefi 12pm