Amy Berkowitz

Also known as 'Mrs. In-the Morning.' Amy can be heard on Saturday and Sunday mornings (6am-10am) and also in the evenings during the week between the specialty shows. Like so many people in Humboldt County, Amy does have a number of jobs. In addition to being on the air, she is also a Licensed Landscape Architect, a Mom, and she teaches Stained Glass as an art form. She has been in and around radio since 1979 when she and her husband, Cliff, got together.

Amy’s first visit to Humboldt was in the early ‘70’s to visit her Dad and Step-mom. She fell in love with the area, and in 1981 Amy brought Cliff to Humboldt for the first time on vacation. He felt the same way about Humboldt and they finally moved here in January of 1994.