Friday, January 30, 2015

Students Talk About Upcoming Native American Activism Conference

Cliff Berkowitz / Thursday, Jan. 15 @ 9:36 a.m. / Activism

This morning KHUM's Cliff Berkowitz spoke with two Humboldt State University students -- Sinay Bishop, with Intertribal Student Drum, and Connor Handly, vice president of the Indigenous Peoples Student Alliance. They spoke about The Native American Activism Conference taking place MLK Day weekend (Jan 18-19) with two days of distinguished speakers from across the region, traditional dancers, and music in the evening.

The conference is in response to recent attacks on HSU's Native programs by the administration. It's a great example of the resiliency of indigenous people because the campus community of Native folks and allies have strengthened in the face of adversity.


One Climber's Perspective On The Dawn Wall Free Climb

Mike Dronkers / Wednesday, Jan. 14 @ 9:45 a.m. / Sports

Photo: Mike Murphy, CC 3.0, via Wikimedia

The sport of rock climbing doesn't see much media attention. But for the last couple of weeks, the media have focused on two men and one enormous rock. And it seems like today, these two climbers will enter the history books

Between live TV interviews from the wall, Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorgeson are attempting to free climb the Dawn Wall route on Yosemite's El Capitan. The New York Times called Dawn Wall the "hardest completed rock climb in the world" and has a horrifying 3D model of the Dawn Wall route; check it out.

Unlike more popular (and arguably safer) forms of climbing, free climbing doesn't use ropes for ascent. Think Spiderman with a safety rope. 

But is the media, unfamiliar with the rock climbing and how to cover it, getting it right? What makes this event so exceptional? El Capitan is sport's sexiest venue, but is it the most difficult? 

Pete Dronkers (below) is an accomplished mountaineer and big wall specialist. He's climbed El Capitan seven times, made first-ascents on remote peaks around the world,  and been featured in the American Alpine Journal. (He is also my brother.)  He told KHUM today that while the danger factor on this climb is relatively low, the technicality can't be overstated. 

"It's absolutely gymnastical. They're pushing it very, very hard up there with almost the hardest freeclimbing grades that anybody's ever done anywhere, but they're doing it on El Cap, two or three thousand feet off the ground."

Dronkers describes the uniqueness of this climb, as well as what sets it apart from most rock climbing. 

Pete Dronkers Audio

Pete Dronkers [Photo: Blue Eisle]


It Appears That ACV Jet Service Begins March 5th

Mike Dronkers / Friday, Jan. 9 @ 4:46 p.m. / Airport

Let's say you were just using Google Flights to book a flight to SFO from ACV for March 4th.

This is what you'd see (minus the red arrows, of course):

But if you were booking that same route for March 5th, you'd see this key difference:

Same for March 6th. And March 7th. And 20th. Also, notice the slightly shorter flight time.

So, it appears that March 5th may be the current start date for ACV's jet upgrade.

While she could not officially confirm the date, Emily Jacobs, program coordinator for Humboldt County Aviation Division is aware that seats on a jet are being sold. She said in an email: 

Some changes in our United service will be coming our way soon.

We can expect to see fewer, but larger aircraft in and out of ACV, a strategy called upgauging, and an adjustment to our schedule, called rebanking. These changes will leave less of a carbon footprint, make flying more fuel efficient, and reduce congestion at large hubs. It will also help mitigate the pilot and crew shortage issues caused by recent changes in FAA regulations.

Although we will initially see less frequency, we should also see an increase in reliability. By filling those seats, we'll show United that we support the service, which is invaluable in our discussions regarding increased service.

In case you missed it, United affiliate Skywest is retiring its aging fleet of Embraer EMB-120s in favor of larger, more efficient Canadair CRJ jets.  

In related news, SkyWest's new jets require longer runways than many regional airports currently have. These changes have already left Chico without commercial air service and the Del Norte Triplicate is reporting that Crescent City air travel has a very bumpy future. 


Previously: Skywest To Be All Jet, All The Time


Coastal Currents: They Want To Do WHAT To The Colorado River Headwaters?

Mike Dronkers / Wednesday, Jan. 7 @ 1:15 p.m. / Coastal Currents

So we're supposed to believe that: 

1. Foreign interests want to shatter some bedrock in the Colorado River headwaters,

2. pour chemicals and hot water through the rubble, 

3. to extract petroleum so dirty even other fossil fuels look at it sideways,

4. with inadequate water quality monitoring,

5. potentially affecting the drinking water of over 30 million people?

And it gets even more incredulous, as filmmaker Jennifer Ekstrom explains in her new film, Last Rush for the Wild West: Tar Sands, Oil Shale and the American Frontier. You could go to Ocean Night on Thursday (6:30, Arcata Theater) and take it all in. Assuage your skeptical side during Ekstrom's post-movie Q+A session. 

Listen/download the full episode of Coastal Currents below. 

Coastal Currents


Last Rush for the Wild West: Tar Sands, Oil Shale and the American Frontier, exposes how impending tar sands and oil shale mining would destroy massive, pristine landscapes in Utah and put the already imperiled Colorado River watershed at risk. It would jeopardize drinking water quality and quantity for thirty-six million people downstream. It would increase air pollution in Salt Lake City, where air quality is already the worst in the Nation. The health risks are staggering. 

The State of Utah approved America's precedent setting commercial tar sands mine at PR Spring despite catastrophic impacts to human health caused by tar sands mining in Alberta, Canada. Utah did not require any studies that would indicate whether area groundwater is safe from the inevitable pollution, nor did the state require water quality monitoring of springs near the site.

Tonight's Cocktail - Grand Derby

Larry Trask / Tuesday, Jan. 6 @ 11:38 a.m. / Cocktail


Tonight's cocktail is the Grand Derby. There are a lot of "derby" cocktails, and they don't really coalesce around any common list of ingredients. I presume the name derives from the famous Brown Derby chain of SoCal restaurants, though I've seen some claims that Trader Vic's is the source. Whatever the provenance, tonight's derby variant is sweet and smokey and sure to please the bourbon lover.

  • 1 part bourbon
  • 1/2 part orange liqueur (Triple Sec, Curaçao, etc.)
  • 1/2 part fresh lemon juice
  • 1/2 part fresh orange juice

Put ingredients in a shaker full of crushed ice and shake vigorously. Strain into a sugar-rimmed martini glass. Garnish with an orange twist. Enjoy.


North Coast Regional Land Trust

Cliff Berkowitz / Tuesday, Jan. 6 @ 9:45 a.m. / Trails

Emily and I talk with Michael Cipra of the North Coast Regional Land Trust about the Freshwater Farms trail project and restoration.


Free Christmas Tree & Hazardous Waste Recycling Tuesday, January 6th 10a-2pm

Mike Dronkers / Tuesday, Dec. 30, 2014 @ 5:09 p.m. / PSA

KHUM, unfairly known for broadcasting utter garbage, will broadcast from garbage!

We’ll be live at the Hawthorne Waste Transfer Station in Eureka, the place you take your junk, between 10 and 2 on January 6th.

Humboldt Waste Management Authority is offering our listeners FREE drop off of Household Hazardous Waste without an appointment during the broadcast.  

Bring down your Christmas tree and your hazardous waste for FREE.

  • batteries 
  • curly light bulbs
  • half-used liquids
  • aerosol cans
  • paints and solvents
  • prescription drugs
  • sharps
  • garden and cleaning supplies
  • automotive fluids
  • pool chemicals

If it says Caution, Warning, Danger, Poison or Flammable on the label, it shouldn't go the landfill. We’re teaming up with those folks because waste reduction and recycling are just... good.

Every day is Earth Day at HWMA.

So make a pile of hazardous waste and bring it to KHUM on Tuesday, January 6th between 10 and 2 your Earth Day too.