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(UPDATE) Humboldt's Missing Peregrine Falcon Has Been Found and is Eating Chicken

Mike Dronkers / Monday, May 11 @ 1:16 p.m. / Animals

UPDATE: 5/13/15 10:10 AM: Carson the Falcon is back home and eating chicken. Witness the Humboldt Wildlife Care Center's celebratory Facebook post below.

Carson, our ambassador Peregrine Falcon has been found and is back in our possession... tired and hungry, he's currently...

Posted by Humboldt Wildlife Care Center on Tuesday, May 12, 2015

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Carson, an 11 year-old peregrine falcon, somehow escaped during an educational presentation in Manila. "He was seen off and on all day, but he wouldn't come to us because he probably wasn't hungry enough,"Humboldt Wildlife Care Center's Linda Parkinson told KHUM today. Hear the four-minute interview below. 

KHUM Audio

Apparently, by hopping on and off his perch, the knot securing him came undone. He then headed for a nearby tree and wouldn't come down to his handlers. At this hour, Parkinson is at the Arcata Marsh, where there were two sightings of a falcon with leather footwear.

"He has anklets around each leg, and then there's a strap that comes down, the jesses, then they're put together at a swivel base," said Parkinson.

Parkinson said Carson came under HWCC's care with as a juvenile suffering from a broken femur. Though he recovered, he didn't get the requisite hunting practice. In other words, he's a terrible hunter. His wildness is somewhat intact, though. "He won't come home. We have to find him." 

Should you see Carson, please call Linda Parkinson (362-7484) and follow the bird if it's safe to do so.

The peregrine falcon is the fastest living thing on the planet, period. "Clocked at 280 miles an hour in a stoop, diving on prey," said Parkinson.

This Is The Best Lyric Video In Modern History

Mike Dronkers / Thursday, May 7 @ 12:55 p.m. /

Since you love music and clearly know about the internet, you're familiar with lyric videos. Some kid rips a song, loads it into Windows Moviemaker, and uses corny royalty-free graphics and Microsoft titles to complete the lyric set. 

Well, this is perfect. And you don't need to be a Lenny fan to enjoy it. Might actually be better if you aren't a fan.

Humboldt Ranked: List Things People Say When You Tell Them You're From Humboldt

Andrew Goff / Thursday, May 7 @ 10:24 a.m. / RANKED



Round three. Your Lost Coast Outpost and KHUM are again teaming up for arbitrary and capricious listing of local topics. This is still Humboldt Ranked.

Here’s how this works: Starting at 11 a.m., we’ll open up the phones on KHUM (786-5486). At that point you can call in and pitch a nominee as well as where you think it should go on the list. Sell it, folks. Over the course of the next hour, live on the radio, a definitive ranking will be discussed, debated and ultimately etched in e-stone for all eternity.

Tune in to KHUM 104.3/104.7 (or online here) to experience the drama live and follow along with the results below. Later we’ll upload the audio for posterity. Do you love this? Yay! Let’s rank Humboldt now.

THIS WEEK'S TOPIC: You know how when you venture out beyond the safety of the Redwood Curtain and people ask you where you're from and you say "Humboldt" and they're like, "__________"? Fill in that blank. What do outsiders say to you when you tell them you're from Humboldt? Go.

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1. "Where?" (complete blankness and versions of that) (nominated by listener Vanessa)

2. "How much weed are you carrying right now?" (and similar marijuana-related queries) (nominated by listener Bryan)

3. "Oh! Redwood trees!" (and other acknowledgements of our natural beauty) (nominated by Natalie in Freshwater)

4. "Have you seen/are you Bigfoot?" (nominated by commenter Zeke)

5.  "You got hippies/armpit hair/different hygiene standards!" (nominated by commenter Klamathman) 

6. "You guys have crappy weather." (Or other comments about our unique climate) (nominated by Scott in Ferndale; Editorial Note: One human's crap is another human's crème brûlée, Scott!)

7. "Here's one i get all the time: "Where are you from originally?" lol like there's never been a black person born in Humboldt County lol. (nominated by African-American commenter Michelle Crockett)

8. "I went there once." (nominated by listener Yvonne)

9. "You guys got so much water!" (nominated by caller Shawn and commenter Ford Prefect)

10. "You ever been to a Crabs game?" (nominated by New Christy Minstrel Lowell Daniels III)


Bubbling Under:

"That's by San Francisco, ya?" (and similar; different than the geographic listing above which encompasses complete unawareness of Humboldt) (nominated by multiple LoCO commenters) (We decided to lump this in with the other geography listing).

"You live in Arcadia?" (nominated by commenter)

"'You’re a bunch of piss-heads." That’s what I got in New Zealand wearing a Humboldt Brew Co. sweatshirt. Piss meaning beer. And it was all in good humor. (Trevor in Eureka).

"Marching Lumberjacks!" (nominated by caller)

"Cheeeeeese!" (nominated by Casey in Indianola) 

"Don't y'all speak Elvish?" (nominated by listener Judith) 

"What's your rent?" (nominated by caller)

So many weed things. We're gonna lump 'em all in the thing on the list, mmmK?

"Isn't that in the Emerald Triangle?" (Is that necessarily weed too? Maybe.)

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9 Quotes About Mental Illness Stigma From a County Health Worker Who Speaks From Experience

Mike Dronkers / Wednesday, May 6 @ 5:29 p.m. / Health

Kellie Jack suffers from mental illness, and she has a goal.

"I want to stomp out stigma," she said.

The formerly homeless woman recalls that even as a little kid, something wasn't right. She says she was ostracized. "It was more than just the imaginary friend. There were just things I couldn't explain to people."

Now a peer coach with the county's Department of Health and Human Services, Jack was on KHUM on Monday talking about May's designation as Mental Health Month. Hear the full interview below. 

Kellie Jack on KHUM

For Mental Health month, the county has planned a series of events highlighting this complicated topic. 

On Tuesday, May 19, there will be a mental health walk starting at the Hope Center, 2933 H St. in Eureka at noon and ending at the county courthouse. They'll be staging a Zumba party on the Arcata Plaza on Wednesday, May 27th at 11:30. 

One in every four Americans experiences some form of mental illness, according to the National Institute of Mental Health. So while we know you're not the type to mock a sick person, you know it still happens. 

1. Mental illness is treated differently: "We talk about diabetes. We talk about cancer. They're hard subjects, but we talk about them. So I want to begin talking about mental illness like any other subject we talk about... ."

2. Exercise can ease mental illness: "Excercise, or Zumba in our case, is a wellness tool. It's a way that you can feel better about yourself."

3. Being open about your illness can kill a conversation: "Sometimes they welcome it. Sometimes the conversation gets very quiet... . It  varies with different crowds."

4. Being a functional member of society is relative: "It depends what your idea of functional is... . If homelessness is being functional, if not paying your bills is functional, then no. In my world, that was functional to me."

5. Refusing assistance can be part of the illness: "I had family and other people, county workers wanting to help me, but I wasn't ready to accept that help. [Health workers'] engagement with me, even when I pushed away, was huge."

6. On mocking ill people: "Sometimes when you've seen people over and over again who are in the midst of their struggles, it's hard to change your mind... . But then if you go to some of these [Mental Health Month] events, and you see people who have come through some struggles, your mind changes a little bit." 

7. How likely is recovery? "Seventy to 90 percent, with treatment and support, show reduced symptoms. So there's hope for the one in four."

8. News media won't tell you the recovery stories: "What I'd really like to see is, every time there's a bad media [story] about mental illness, that were four [success stories] about mental illness... . [A]ll we're stuck with is the bad media coverage of mental illness."

9. How can you help when someone with mental illness refuses? "Just keep helping. What I do today is just keep the kindness, and keep reaching out my hand."

Coastal Currents: Standup Paddle Race Organizers

Mike Dronkers / Wednesday, May 6 @ 2:32 p.m. / Coastal Currents

L-R: Hugh Holt, James Bavin, Jason Self, Jen Savage

Humboldt county's first real standup paddleboard race is this Sunday. Trinidad To Little River Dash founders James Bavin and Hugh Holt stopped by, along with Pacific Outfitters' Jason Self to discuss the course, the history, and the future of this event.

Signups are now open over at Pacific Outfiters' site. 

Listen to the interview below. 

Coastal Currents audio

Paddleboard Ocean Race This Sunday

Mike Dronkers / Tuesday, May 5 @ 4:31 p.m. / Ocean , Sports

Photo from the 2014 race by Craig Spjut, courtesy Pacific Outfitters

Should you wind up at Moonstone Beach on Sunday afternoon, you'll find yourself at the finish line of the Trinidad to Little River Dash stand-up paddleboard (SUP) race.

The race starts at 4:00 pm in Trinidad harbor and heads southeast to the mouth of the Little River at Moonstone.

With any luck, prevailing north winds will aid the paddlers downwind for about three miles. The final stretch includes the surf zone at Moonstone and a quick paddle up the Little River to the finish line. 

According to veteran SUPer Matt Beard, brute strength alone won't help you win. Wave selection in the home stretch plays a big role.

Matt Beard:

"For me, what's been fun is that when you get the surf zone at Moonstone, anything can happen. Even if you're outmuscled, if you can stay within striking distance of the guy in front of you, a little surf finesse goes a long way."

This Sunday's event is actually the fifth annual race, but it's the first year the race has gone public. Starting as an informal event between friends in the local SUP community, the event's popularity outgrew the liability organizers were able to take on. This spring Pacific Outfitters adopted the race as a fiscal sponsor, with the goal of giving the race a place on the national circuit.

According to race organizer Jason Self:

"We're excited to be working with the founders of the event to grow it and bring it to a wider audience in the future. In the next year or two, I'm hoping to add a Masters class, a Pro Elite class and associating it with other on the west coast to create a SUP race series." 

Self will be on KHUM's 'Coastal Currents' tomorrow at noon to color in some of the details. The afterparty at Merryman's beach house will have live music, cold beverages, and soggy athletes.

Photo: Craig Spjut, courtesy Pacific Outfitters




By The Numbers: Eureka Crime, Q1 2015

Mike Dronkers / Tuesday, May 5 @ 1:41 p.m. / Crime

Via Eureka Police: 

"In the first quarter of 2015, Eureka recorded 25 violent crime reports, compared to 40
during the same time period of 2014- a decrease of 37.5%.  Property crime increased 
22% during the same time comparison. March 2015 had the lowest number of residential burglaries since January 2013, with 10 reports. While residential burglaries were down, other property crimes continue to rise. March 2015 had the highest number of larceny reports taken since January 2013, at 183 reports."