History In The Making

Cliff Berkowitz / Monday, Oct. 21, 2019 @ 1:19 p.m. / History

This morning it was my honor to be witness to a great moment in history. The City of Eureka, making good on a promise to give back the island of Tuluwat, also known as "Indian Island." KHUM broadcast the ceremony live as it happened from the Adoni Center. A standing room only crowd were all on their feet for this emotional event.

Tofu Mike provided the sound for the event and was kind enough let me use a copy of his recording of the ceremony. It is presented here in it's entirety.


After the ceremony I was able to grab a quick on-air interview with Wiyot Tribal Chair, Ted Hernandez.


After that I spoke with Cheryl Seidner, former Wiyot Tribal Chair and inspirational speaker and singer at the ceremony.