Here We Go Again!?!?

Cliff Berkowitz / Monday, Nov. 18, 2019 @ 9:26 a.m. / PSPS-BS

This morning I spoke with Deanna Contreras, public information officer for PG&E, about the risk that Humboldt County could once again be caught up in the latest PSPS, which is set for this Wednesday and Thursday. Although most of Humboldt County at this point is not expected to affected by this latest PSPS, Contreras was not able to completely assure us that we won't be effected.

High winds are expected in many parts of Northern California -- however, not so much in Humboldt. And even though we were shut down on October 9th when we were not affected by the wind, they say that shouldn't happen this time. However, it could not be ruled out. Do you feel assured? No? Well, they did say this is the new normal. Best to be prepared.