A Final Tribute To My Best Friend

Cliff Berkowitz / Monday, Sept. 17, 2018 @ 10:57 a.m. / Family

On Saturday, I lost my best friend of 42 years, Sean Demery. Sean and I met in college and discovered radio together. We were roommates and worked together at several radio stations over the years. 

On January 20th of this year, Sean suffered a brain stem stroke. This left him in a "locked-in" state. This meant that he was fully aware of everything, however he could not move a muscle or even breath on his own. Eventually he was able to get off the respirator and learned to communicate by blinking his eyes. 

Sean fought on valiantly for months fighting pneumonia and infections and beating the odds every day. However, just weeks ago, the pneumonia returned with a vengeance and his body began to shut down. At this point he refused any more treatments except for meds to keep him comfortable. By midday Saturday he was gone.

I have talked about my friend Sean on KHUM several times over the past few months. This morning, I gave my final tribute to the closest person in my life with the exception of my wife Amy. Sean is a Radio Legend and is being mourned in radio trade magazines all over the nation. What follows are some of the more personal and memorable stories about my best friend, pictured above at Sequoia Park in Eureka.