Kinetics: Some Helpful Spectator Links

Bayley Brown / Saturday, May 26, 2018 @ 10:38 a.m. / Kinetic Sculpture Racing

Photo of the 1st water crossing by Andrew Goff

Enjoying our Koverage of the 50th Race? Here's some links that may help you take your enjoyment of Kinetics to the next level. 

Kinetic Universe has a fantastic Spectator's Guide

It includes the race course, tips and other glorious things. 

They also have a stream so you can watch all the kraziness. 

The Lost Coast Outpost has a super neat article: Better Know Your 2018 Kinetic Sculptures

If you're wanting to go even DEEPER. Check out the Kinetic Kompendium

...last but not least here's a fantastic aerial video of the start of the race by Chad Johnson.