A Talk with Julie Clark

Cliff Berkowitz / Tuesday, Dec. 18, 2018 @ 9:02 a.m. / Trails

This morning, Carole Vander Meer and I talk with Julie Clark , Ranger at the Headwaters Reserve about the trail through the Headwaters that interprets the history of the Town of Falk. She will be at Booklegger to sign copies of her new book, Falk: Company Lumber Town of the American West.  Once a thriving community of 400 people, Falk was eventually abandoned, and became a ghost town. Traces of the town remain at Headwaters. 

The 7,472-acre Headwaters Forest Reserve (Reserve) was established in 1999 after a decade-long grassroots effort to protect the world’s last unprotected, intact, old-growth redwood forest ecosystem. 

There are two public trails in the Reserve. The Elk River Trail winds along the South Fork Elk River for 3 miles, followed by a 2-mile ascent to a short loop through an old-growth redwood forest. Interpretive signs along the first mile of trail describe the history of Falk, the historic company mill town once located along this section of trail.