Buddy Brown Blues Festival 2018

Cliff Berkowitz / Saturday, Aug. 4, 2018 @ 11:10 a.m. / Music

We are live in Perigot Park in Blue Lake for the 18th Annual Buddy Brown Blues Festival. 

Above, Back Seat Drivers up on stage NOW!

Yours truly manning the broadcast.

Interviewing the Back Seat Drivers after their set.

Blues Though The Years, up on stage right NOW!

Interview with Bill Moehnke from Blues Though the Years, after their set.

Shinbone live on stage NOW!

Interview with Robert Franklin of Shinbone.

Black Sage Runners on stage NOW!

Interview with Brendon (the drummer) from Blacksage Runners

The Uptown Kings up on stage NOW!

Interview with Anna Hamilton before her performance.

Setting up for my interview with Dale Cash, after the Uptown Kings performance.

The Anna Hamilton Trio on stage NOW!