The Marching Lumberjacks Celebrating 49 and 3/4 years at their Spring Fundraiser is this Saturday

Bayley Brown / Wednesday, April 4, 2018 @ 11:07 a.m. / Celebration

All photos by Emily Navarro

What are you doing Saturday? The marvelous Humboldt State University Marching Band (or Banned - whatever you want to call these lovely folks) will hold their first Spring Concert in four years on Saturday at the Arcata Theater Lounge. 

Marching Lumberjacks Public Relations Officer Emily Navarro and General Manager/President D'Angela Pritchett-Rowe took a short break from practice on Tuesday night to chat about the upcoming 50th celebration, the Spring Concert and why it's important to fund raise (budget cuts). 


For more information head here or check out the flyer below.