Watch out for flooded roads!

Bayley Brown / Tuesday, Jan. 10 @ 11:57 a.m. / Traffic

Here's our current list of road closures!  Also McCann Ferry is not running.  

  • Highway 36 is open for the moment but may be fully closed this afternoon should the Van Duzer River flood
  • Highway 101 may close tonight due to flooding at the the Russian River Bridge near Hopland
  • Redwood Drive between Evergreen Road and Bear Canyon Road (UPDATE: And also near Dazey’s and near Dean Creek).
  • Old Arcata Road has flooding at Jacoby Creek
  • Mosswood in Benbow is closed due to slip out (UPDATE: detoured to East Blue Rock)
  • Cock Robin Island Road is flooded, travel with caution
  • Graham Road is closed
  • Morgan Road is closed
  • Hookton Road is muddy, travel with caution
  • Fields Landing Road is flooded
  • Elk River Road at Berta Road is flooded
  • Pine Hill Road at Elk River Road is flooded
  • Kimtu Road (Camp Kimtu) is flooded, travel with caution
  • Elk Creek Road in Myers Flat is flooded
  • Sole Street is flooded
  • Red Cap Road closed due to slide
  • Highway 1 is closed 1.5 miles from 101 due to slide
  • Highway 254 (Avenue of the Giants) due to trees down between Myers Flat & Burlington
  • Highway 299 closed at Big French Creek due to slide
  • Bald Hills Road open but very narrow
  • Buttermilk Lane near 2777 Arcata is flooded
  • Camp Weott is closed
  • Coffee Creek Road is flooded
  • Dillon Road is closed between Riverside and Goble due to flooding
  • Fulmor Road closed passed Goble
  • Goble Lane between Dillon and Fulmor is flooded
  • Goble Lane between Fulmor and Sage is flooded
  • Goble Lane between Sage and 211 is flooded
  • Jackson Ranch Road at Foster Ave in Arcata is flooded
  • Maple Creek road at slide has one lane open
  • Meridian Road is closed
  • Nissen Road is closed
  • Port Kenyon Road is flooded
  • Showers Pass Road is four wheel drive only
  • Walnut & Redwood Drive in Eureka is flooded
  • West Washington Street in Eureka is flooded
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