Adaptations will inspire you

Bayley Brown / Thursday, Feb. 16, 2017 @ 11:04 a.m. / Theater

Excitement. Curiosity.  Those were the first emotions I felt after my interview last night with four out of the eight Dell'Arte International's 2nd year MFA students about their adaptations of a short story and a musical concept album into stage productions.  

The first piece is an adaptation of Ziltoid the Omniscient, which is a fascinating concept album by Devin Townsend about an extraterrestrial being looking for "your universe's ultimate cup of coffee."  It's essentially about America's obsession with coffee.  It was developed into a stage production by Natasha Marshall, Eric Jones, Chase Perkins and Matilda Lindström.  

There is a definite need for positive inspiration in our society right now.  The second adaptation is a feminist fairy tale by Barbara Walker called Lily and Rose, that talks about overcoming darkness.  Faye Steddum, Gaia Mencagli, Jacob Timmons and Gaby Haught worked on transforming this piece.  

There is no way that I can describe it like the students involved.  Take a moment to listen to the interview below and I'll see you at the show!


The performance is at the Carlo Theatre in Blue Lake Thursday, Feb 16 through Sunday, Feb 19 at 8PM each night.  It is pay what you can.  For more information head here.