Black and Blue Dialogue/Black Lives Matter

Lyndsey Battle / Sunday, Oct. 9, 2016 @ 3:31 p.m. / Community

The African American Center for Academic Excellence hosted a panel discussion on Thursday at the Kate Buchanan Room at HSU with local law enforcement and students, faculty members of color.  I attended this event, took notes (included below).  Nate Jackson and D'Angelo Jackson were kind enough to make their way down to Ferndale and expand on some topics that were brought up during the 'Black and Blue Dialogue' and share their personal experiences with local law enforcement:


Brothers, Nate Jackson (left) and D'Angelo Jackson (right)

Here are my notes from the 'Black and Blue Dialogue'

*The 2nd paragraph of this letter from the HSU president was read aloud at the Black and Blue Dialogue on Thursday: