Daniel Faulk talks about the Electoral College

Lyndsey Battle / Sunday, Nov. 20, 2016 @ 2:32 p.m. / Elections

Professor of Political Science at HSU, Daniel Faulk, was kind enough to come into the studio and talk about the Electoral College.  Dan broke down the history of the Electoral College, why it exists and talked about racial bias originating from the institution of slavery and how it continues to suppress the votes of minorities in our country.  He also addressed questions submitted by listeners.

Dan Faulk wants everyone to know that Trump has not been elected as President of the United States, that will not happen until December 19th when the Electoral College meets to cast their votes.  While Dan feels it's nearly impossible to abolish the Electoral College, he lends strategy to how citizens can work within the framework of our Constitution to lobby the electors to cast their votes for a different Republican candidate.  Check out the discussion below:


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