"The Big Thirst" opens tonight!

Bayley Brown / Thursday, June 16, 2016 @ 2:56 p.m. / Theater

Playwright and Dell'Arte's founding artistic director Joan Schirle took a moment to speak with me about the new play The Big Thirst making it's debut at the 2016 Mad River Festival.  The play is centered around Dell'Arte's current initiative "The River, Our Home".  The audience will find themselves following Detective Dolly Madison while she is searching for the missing river.  Schirle elaborated that this comedy is actually about the world's water issue: 

"When I started researching this play, there was so much.  I mean it's everything from those poor women in Sub-Saharan countries who have to walk four miles twice a day to get water.  Usually they're young women and then they don't get to go school, so they don't get an education.  And then there's the facts that the global aquifer if at it's lowest ever.  There's the dams on the river, what they're doing to the fish.  The loss of habitat... So trying to write a play that dealt with that is what I tried to do... What Michael [Fields, Director] has done with my script is do create this sort of physical business and of course we have this great band who are underscoring it.  So it has the feeling of a little bit of cartoon.  Sort of a Roger Rabbit type of detective cartoon...  I keep telling people water can be funny."  

Check out the interview, trailer and flyer below.  More information about the Mad River Festival here and find out more about The Wiyot Tribe's Past Present and Future talk here

The Big Thirst runs Thursdays through Sunday from June 16 through July 3 at 8 p.m. at the Rooney Amphitheater in Blue Lake.