Eureka Waterfront Trail, Phase One Grand Opening

Cliff Berkowitz / Tuesday, Dec. 13, 2016 @ 9:25 a.m. / Trails

This morning Carol Vandermere and I spoke with Miles Slatery the city of Eureka about phase one of the Eureka Waterfront Trail. The Grand Opening will take place this Saturday connecting with this portion of the trail to the  Hikshari' trail for 2 1/2 mile segment. When asked when the entire Eureka waterfront Trail is expected to be completed, Slatery responded "October 2017". I also asked Miles about the rumors of the Hikshari trail extending south. He said they are currently exploring the option of extending it all the way to Scotia. Since at this point that is just conceptual, there is no timeline for it, but I for one am very excited about that. Slattery said it right now they're concentrating on the southern part of the Bay Trail. When complete it will connect with the completed Eureka waterfront Trail for a contiguous ride from the southernmost part of Eureka all the way to Arcata as pictured above.