Buddy Brown Blues Festival

Cliff Berkowitz / Saturday, Aug. 6, 2016 @ 11:10 a.m. / Music

On Saturday, we all had a great time at the 16th Buddy Brown Blues festival at Parigot Park in Blue Lake. Amy MC'd while I (Cliff) put the whole thing live over the air on on the stream. We got some good pix of all the bands. Here is a list of all of them in reverse order of their performance. Enjoy!

Black Sage Runners

Cliff & Buddy Reed

Dancing to Buddy

Buddy Reed And The Rip It Ups

Jim & Jenner talk with Cliff

The Jim Lahman Band

Cliff Talks with Brian Swizlow

Object Heavy, Jammin' at Buddy Brown!

Good Rockin Derral!

Blues Rollers

Turtle (Mad River Rounders)

Mad River Rounders