Hiking Humboldt - Volume 1

Cliff Berkowitz / Tuesday, April 5, 2016 @ 9:14 a.m. / Trails

This morning Michael Kauffman, Author, Educator, Ecologist and President of the Bigfoot Trails Alliance, came down to the KHUM studios to talk about the new book just out called "Hiking Humboldt - Volume 1."  The book outlines 55 hikes in our area 5 miles or longer. The book is filled with great descriptions and maps and also denotes areas that are appropriate for mountain bikes. We also talked about Volume 2 which will be coming out soon which will talk about some of our great urban street walks and trails that are under 5 miles. More info at HikingHumboldt.com. We also talked about the Friends of the Dunes "Get Outside Gear Sale" this Saturday at the Humboldt Coastal Nature Center from 11am to 3pm.