In Studio: Danceable Rock, Jazz, and Funk From The Hip Joint

Mike Dronkers / Thursday, May 21, 2015 @ 4:16 p.m. / In Studio



The Hip Joint play original tunes that they described as "jazz-rock funk-bob" or something like that. Is it accurate? Pretty much. Singer Mia Cassasanta jumped around the room for a good part of the set, which bands should do more often. Listen below:


The Hip Joint play with Royal Jelly Jive at the Jambalaya this Saturday night. 


  • Mia Casasanta, Most high vocalist and conga whisperer
  • Cory Goldman, String Tickler to the Gods
  • Mike Tofu Schwartz, Beats 'n Boom
  • Chuck Johnson, Curly haired thump pumper
  • Justin Schwartzman, The Reed-Nastier Key-Master
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