CONTEST: Take a Pic Of Wherever You Are RIGHT NOW, Win Taste Of The Holidays Tickets ($50)

Mike Dronkers / Wednesday, Nov. 12, 2014 @ 12:42 p.m. /

What are you looking at right now? Something gorgeous? Somewhere yucky? In front of a computer?  With your beloved dog? It doesn't matter! 

Let's make a KHUM-wide class photo. 

So take a photo right now. It doesn't have to be interesting at all!

Email it to studio@khum.com or post it in the comments below.

Whichever photo is the most remarkable wins you a pair of tickets to A Taste Of The Holidays on Saturday, November 20th at the Arcata Community Center. And by remarkable, we measure the quantity of good, bad, and empathetic remarks from KHUM staff. 

Here's mine. 

Please don't drive and take photos! Winner announced at 2pm today live on KHUM.

We're going to post these emailed pics as quickly as possible, but again, use the comments section. Here we go!

UPDATE! We have a winner. Congrats to Amy G and her menacing squirrel. Also, we do know how to rotate photos, and we did. Yet some still came out sideways. Sorry!

Amy has to endure this squirrel's hatestare.



Here's what you are looking at right now. 


Jennifer, poppin' tags




D's desk

Driving through the land of endless time

Adam C

Dennis Mayo & co, on their grind



Jessican still plays with toys at work

Bekki's Bohemian Mermaid studio


Chad working at the Arcata Wastewater Treatment Plant

Linda's having an in-car picnic above Luffenholtz



Zach is up a utility pole

J is pregnant but it's still a secret but she's having cravings

Janis is driving by us


Granddaughter Camille at King Salmon

Working at Rain All Day Books in Fortuna

Thomas practicing Law in Las Vegas, NV

Adam and Nox enjoying the sun in McKinleyville



James building a tinderbox for his emergency 'go bag'

Steve on 255

Sarah is trashed

Gigi and Rose at Moonstone Beach



Bob on the porch with Fiona

Bill in Santa Fe Springs, CA



Kenneth Jay Cowden: outside my window

Ashley Dare: Just parked Lol (not driving)

Angelica Hatfield: Bk

Dawn Dumas Larson: Working with Tuxedo Den

Greta Montagne: Eating lunch & hanging with my dog at Cooper Gulch Park in Eureka.

Jesse Miles: Playing with this girl!!

Aristea Saulsbury: Field Trip with Humboldt Educare

JLB recovering from hysterectomy


Melinda waiting for next client

Marianne making a fancy planter

At King Salmon with granddaughter Camille

Jonah is transporting local chocolate

Ray listening in Bradford PA

Milton's at work


Brittany at work with daughter

Kurt changing oil, listening online in La Quinta, CA

You must admit, the boots River is making kind of look like donuts. 

Carl in Loleta.

John pulled over just before dropping down into Crescent City.

Oldshake is checking paint samples.

WINNER! Amy has to endure this squirrel's hatestare.

Melinda Riley: Best homeschool selfie

Heather Ann Hardwick: Charlie taking his stroller ride

Tiffany Land: Baking at home!

Peter Wagner

Jenn Ward

Kris Kausen Martella

Julia Allshouse: In bed. Sicker than a dog

Jeremy Michael Benjamin Riley

Lisa McCombs: On the back porch with Nipper, enjoying the sunshine and cool breeze.

Brian G Cooley


Brad at Woodlab is glazing a sign, we think


Dominic is treating his anxiety


Loryn is glazing pottery.


Paul Prigmore: Stuck in road construction hwy 299 buckhorn summit

Elsie Bells Capricornshiner Iloff: Out my living room window, inside kind of day...

Sheena Bryant: Lord Ellis construction


Jerrie Nelson: Watching my granddaughters comb what is left of Papa's hair. He is a great sport.

Heidi Foley: Nap time snuggles

Sarah Godlin

Francine Patterson Planting daffodils with the Fortuna Garden Club!

Brandall Shumard: Sword in the stone movie play date

Jessie James

Chet Jarboe Waiting for a snack at Los Bagel's

Allan Daniel: Office time

Arly Allen: Cuddling this sleepy baby!

Listening to KHUM from a rooftop pool in Austin

Cody Macy: Creepin on my best friend Ashlee Scheffler on her First day of work!

Pandora Boling: Playing with triplets

Josh Buck


Brion Wallis: "Loving it."

Jad Whitey Downy: Humboldt life!

Jessica Martella

Sophia Cooper: Adel's for brunch, with the loved one.

Hannah Yost: Working! Taking photos

Willi Welton Lunch- Chapala

Jessica Reinus: Lunchtime craziness 'round here

Lucinda Smith: Work at the zoo just fed donkeys & camelids

Jessica Vaughn: LMAO watching Milo trying to get his rope from our gator head

Ross at The Shop

Elizabeth is making Redwood Organics Tomales for Farmer's Market

John is donating platelets

John is donating platelets

rachelle is in the Arcata community forest

Mike W is watching the girls work

Leon is editing fotos


Julia is doing yardwork in Eureka

Gretchen is on break

My coworker!

Laysha is on her deck in Loleta

Lara C