Tonight's Cocktail - Modified Billie Holiday

Larry Trask / Tuesday, May 27 @ 12:01 p.m. / Cocktail

Tonight our featured cocktail during The Cocktail Hour (6pm) is something we're calling the "modified Billie Holiday". See, a quick web search turned up a drink called the "Billie Holiday", but it sounded awful, kind of like a low-rent Shirley Temple with vodka added. So, using that as a base, the Ad Hoc Cocktail Advisory Group made some serious changes to the recipe and came up with tonight's cocktail.


0.5 oz Whiskey of some sort. Rye, bourbon, Irish whiskey, whatever you like
Some fresh cherries, pitted and destemmed
Ginger beer, the spicier the better


Put cherries in bottom of rocks glass and cover with half of the whiskey
Muddle cherries for a bit longer than you'd really like
Pour muddle mixture into second rocks glass filled with ice
Pour rest of whiskey in second rocks glass
Fill rest of glass with ginger beer

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