The KHUM Open Mic Project

Mike Dronkers / Thursday, May 1, 2014 @ 10:44 a.m. /

The KHUM Open Mic Project is finally here! 

What is it? 

It's like a real open mic, just with a community twist. You should plug a bake sale for your kid's school. You should read a quick poem. 

Think of it like that bulletin board outside the Arcata Co-op. 

How do I do this? 

Read this primer. Then record :45 of sound on whatever device you want, and email it to openmicproject@khum.com. 

What's the catch? 

No catch. This is a social experiment, and we actually believe that the constellation of Humboldt voices is a beautiful thing. It has to jive with KHUM, and it has to be legal.  So get started on your KHUM Open Mic session!