Tommy2Stix Brings That 'Cripple Flow'

Mike Dronkers / Friday, March 7 @ 12:18 p.m.

This guy's spine has 20 screws in it. And the self-described "realest MC north of the Rio Grande" is one of the most unique advocates for medical marijuana we've ever seen. He's on the front page of Uproxx today: 

"The song is delightfully awkward and cleverly penned — a tongue-in-cheek rap that references his struggles with central core myopathy, a ultra-rare genetic form of muscular dystrophy that, for a portion of his life, rendered him extremely weak and completely unable to walk."

And nobody really knows who Tommy2Stix really is. Uproxx:

"If Clark Kent is Tomas (he requested we withhold his last name out of fear that his rap career might hamper his ability to get into law school) – a bilingual, hardworking, studious, first-generation Mexican-American who graduated from American University in Washington, D.C.; the son of successful parents who were continuously on his case to study for the LSATs –– then Superman is Tommy2Stix, a rising hip-hop artist who’s fueled by medical marijuana, a recently discovered confidence and a strong wit that has helped compensate for years of physical pain, uncertainties and doubt about his health condition."

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